WP_Support:- "What are the charities and campaigns that we support?"
During our 2017/18 season ... WP will support 2 LOCAL charities.

1.    The Bedford Hospitals Charity, run by volunteers to fund hospital projects, and,

2.    Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund

Pancreatic Cancer
Research Fund

Charity No: 1155322  (E&W)   

Pancreatic cancer has the lowest survival rate of all cancers – just
3% of those diagnosed survive for five years. It is also the only
cancer that has seen no improvement in this figure over the last
40 years.

Certain types of cancer attract more public donations than others.
Public donations specifically for pancreatic cancer in the past
have been very limited, because this cancer rarely made the
headlines, there were no charities solely for pancreatic cancer
and unless directly affected, few people were aware of the
disease and the need for much more research.  

The Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund was set up in 2004 and
exists to try and address these issues – to raise new funds for
research, and also be a voice for pancreatic cancer patients and
argue for a fair allocation of research funding and attention.

Find out more at:-

          THANK YOU
               The Bedford
               Hospitals Charity

Charity No: 299250  (E&W)

The Bedford Hospitals Charity was founded in 1988 by a
group of local people, initially to raise money to refurbish
the dilapidated and antiquated Student Nurse Home at
Bedford Hospital South Wing.

Since then it has raised £9½ million for a number of

The key to the Charity's success has been its ability to work
closely with the local community and the hospital itself.

Most of the money has been raised through the generosity
of local people, either supporting events organised by the
committee, or organising events themselves in support of

The Charity is run entirely by volunteers and has no paid
staff. Its overheads are astonisingly low at around 0.5% so
just about all the money received goes to help the hospital
and patients.

Find out more at:-


During 2016-17 season ... WE SUPPORTED TWO LOCAL CHARITIES....

1.   SERV Herts & Beds - AKA "Blood-Runners"

2.   Medical Detection Dogs -  based in Milton Keynes

                 We were able to raise £200 for each of these during the 2016/17year. THANK YOU.