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WP - Who We Are...
Westoning Players are a very sociable, friendly amateur dramatic group for adults with members from Westoning and surrounding areas of Central Bedfordshire. The group was formed in 1975. We endeavour to perform two productions a year, striving to include as many members as possible on stage and off. We are fortunate to have a pool of committed, skilled and willing members who are keenly involved in all aspects of Am-Dram theatre-craft. We welcome anyone who wants to join in, in whatever capacity. Get in touch or come on down...

WP - what we are...

Westoning Players is a "not-for-profit" Community drama group run by a committee, elected from our AGM at the start of each WP year. Anyone is welcome to attend... but only paid up members may vote at the AGM, or be onstage or work backstage during shows... So to join a fun leisure time performing arts group locally in Central Bedfordshire, come down to see us. We meet Thursdays at 7:30pm - 9:30pm @ Westoning Village Hall... COME ON DOWN!

WP - What We Do...
Like every amateur dramatic group we have a lot more "going on" than the 2 shows or events each year that our very loyal audience see on stage...

We are constantly looking for new (and old) plays to perform and there is a lot of "off-stage" activity to ensure that the group can perform twice a year. What do YOU want to perform with us???????

During 2024,

  • We have performed "Murder in Little Grimley" - April 2024

  • We are supporting the initiative to install a public-use defibrillator at the Westoning Village Hall

  • We're having some play-readings... for fun... and a curry, a walk, and thatre trips...

  • Plus, some readings of possible future plays. 

  • We invite anyone who wants to participate in LOCAL LIVE AMATEUR DRAMA to come on down one Thursday

  • We need to build up our active (younger) membership to enable us to put on a Terry Pratchett "Discworld" play


We welcome all adults who want to participate, in whatever capacity. Get in touch or come on down... one Thursday.


2023 AGM OF WP... 

The Annual General Meeting of the Westoning Players adult "not-for-profit" amateur drama group was held on 24th August 2023 at 7:30pm at Westoning Village Hall.

  • 16 persons attended. Apologies from 6 absentees.

  • 2022 AGM minutes were signed and eccepted.

  • All officers and committee members were re-elected.

  • The final total cost for the new shed was £6,281-13p

  • Our Bank Account is moved from HSBC to Lloyds. We are looking into a tap-machine for card transactions.

  • WP now have 478 followers on Twitter and 99 on Facebook plus a mere 4 on Instagram.

    • FYI: Twitter followers are mostly other drama groups; Facebook has individuals who have joined independently. 

    • Any articles/photos for loading onto Social Media should be sent to James or Carys.

  • There is no change to annual subscriptions. £15 Adult (Full); £8 Yoff (16-21yo) or Associate members.

  • The WP designated charity for 2023/24 season was ratified as Local Bedfordshire MND. THe WP committee will ask for suggestions mid-year for discussion and vote at 2024 AGM.

2024 AGM will be Thursday 5th September [NEW DATE] at 7:30pm in Westoning Village Hall.

Saving Ardley set - pic


We have created many types of scenery for varied shows.

A lot of work is needed to create it all. But our audiences like the result. And we enjoy its creation.

Backstage Bobble hatters - pic


Every show needs a backstage team getting everything where it should be ... would you like to help?

     (Bobble hat not compulsory.)

AsoM Jan on phone - pic


And it will be alright on the night.

What could possibly go wrong????

Local amateur theatre in our Westoning Village Hall.

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