WP - Who We Are...
Westoning Players are a very sociable, friendly amateur dramatic group with members from Westoning and surrounding areas of Central Bedfordshire. The group was formed in 1975. We endeavour to perform two or three productions a year, striving to include as many members as possible on stage and off. We are fortunate to have a pool of committed, skilled and willing members who are keen to be involved in all aspects of Am-Dram theatre-craft. 

 For Your Diaries    future WP events

With Coronavirus restrictions imposed by HMG, Westoning Players have postponed the Show (Bunkered).

We also suspended club-nights UFN.

Our current plan is to start rehearsing again when allowed (??2021) and perform 3 months after re-starting rehearsals. We will, of course, keep you up-to-date as the weeks go by. 

      If possible we hope to do...

     ... in December 2020 (? Online ?) Social-distanced Quiz Social event.

THANK YOU  for supporting Westoning Players.

WP - what we are...

Westoning Players is a "not-for-profit" Community drama group run by a committee, elected from our AGM at the start of each WP year. Anyone is welcome to attend... but only paid up members may vote... So to join a leisure time performing arts group in rural Bedfordshire, come down to us.


We have created many types of scenery for varied shows.

A lot of work is needed to create it all. But our audiences like the result. And we enjoy its creation.


Every show needs a backstage team getting everything where it should be ... would you like to help? (Bobble hat not compulsory.)


And it will be alright on the night.

What could possibly go wrong????

Local amateur theatre in our Westoning Village Hall.