We're looking for a play to do in November.

Rehearsals will start in September.

Choosing the play can be anytime between now and August.

The sooner we get a project chosen, the sooner we can start planning how to do it.

BUT, we need some more members, the younger the better.

(Adults only please!)

The more people that come on down, the more options we have for the sort of plays we can do.

We would LOVE to do a Panto, or a Play for Children, but we need help.

We need able bodies.

Parents, Grandparents...

If you would like the little ones (4y.o. and up) to be able to see good quality age-appropriate drama locally (i.e no travel hassle) without spending £100s per child to get decent seats, we need you to participate. Come and herlp put on a show for your children and all their school chums.

Amateur drama is an engaging, fulfilling hobby that is pretty darned inexpensive, is GREAT for your mental health and the MH of our audiences.

But we need more people to participate.

So, COME ON DOWN one Thursday between 7:30pm and 9:30pm and have a chat with us. We have various activities on before we start the production cycle for Novemer's show in earnest during September.

We will be at the Church Fete too. Our "SPLAT the RAT" game is legendary.

Since 1975 we 've put on over 120 shows. The only repeat, so far, is Lord Arthur Savile's Crime... not counting sketches in our ever popular Revues.

Mainly we do comedies, murder mysteries and pantomimes, plus revues and Old Tyme Music Halls. 

We are always interested in new plays to perform.

Let us know if you find one we can look at producing!

We have done 3 Terrry Pratchet plays: Wyrd Sisters (1999); Mort (2005); and Going Postal (2016). Plenty more there...

In 2018 we gave the UK Premiere performance of Jack of Diamonds. 

We perform plays written by local playwrights, including Colin Calvert and Claire L. Jones.

Box Office opens 24/10

If you are interested in becoming a member or a patron of Westoning Players please click the "Contact WP" link above.