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Our next show is

still in development... 



Jan will, however,  be pleased to hear from any volunteers for non-acting, backstage and Front-of-House duties ...

You don't need to be making a fool of yourself onstage to be a LUVVIE.

There's lots to be done ... and lots of fun on the way.


Since 1975 we 've put on 139 shows. The only repeat, so far, is Lord Arthur Savile's Crime... not counting sketches in our ever popular Revues.

Mainly we do comedies, murder mysteries and pantomimes, plus revues and Old Tyme Music Halls. 

We are always interested in new plays to perform.

Let us know if you find one we can look at producing!

We have done 3 Terrry Pratchet plays: Wyrd Sisters (1999); Mort (2005); and Going Postal (2016). Plenty more there...

In 2018 we gave the UK Premiere performance of Jack of Diamonds. 

We perform plays written by local playwrights,.

Production notes - COME ON DOWN AND JOIN IN... 

 Our recent (Nov-2022) show "Adrian" needed a painted backdrop, the prow of a pirate ship, a trolley-mounted sailor made of planks... Plus many, many costumes, wigs, hand props, and an inflatable palm-tree, a beach-ball, various pyrate accoutrements, weapons, ey-patches, bandages etc.

 Some of the songs had to have re-writes of lyrics, and the backing tracks had to be revised and edited to meet the needs of the show and the cast.

 We even needed an additional curtain rail to be put up (Thanks Patrons Alan and Simon) and our old stage carpeting had to be installed one more time (ditto).

 All the props and decorations had to be made or sourced. Wiigs were made and sourced and bought. Stage make-up was created and applied; for final rehearsals and three shows (and removed after each!)


Well done all. A fabulous show with universally positive feedback.

Adrian front of backdrop = Nov 2022
Polly says He's in the Barrel - Treasure Island = Nov 2018

We need people to make costumes, and others to wear them, and helpers (dressers - in the biz) to get the actors in and out of them! And keep track of where they are in between shows!

We always need people to source or scavenge the items we need  for the scenery decoration, the furniture and the personal properties (props) that the actors use on-stage.

Come and help to bring to life these shows that our public love .

Come on down and join...

Polly says: HE'S IN THE BARREL 

A Moist awakening - Lord Arthur Savile's Crime = Nov 2013

We even need people dedicated enough to pour water onto sleeping actors... 

Come and join Westoning Players.


Have a few laughs in your hobby, and entertain your local community.

No experience is necessary, but if you have some, we'll treasure it, and nurture it if you are still learning.

If you're interested in being a member or patron of Westoning Players please click the "Contact WP" link.

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