2019 June

"For 2 Nights only"

A Revue - sketches, songs & monologues. Hard work for cast & crew raising many £s for the Village Hall project.

   2019 April

"Agatha Crusty & the 

  Health Spa Murders"

Our second AC comedy. Notable for the "Chairobics" and the "Garra-Ruffa" fish.

   2018 November

"Treasure Island"

We built a Ship and with a proper Wheel. We had a parrot too plus lots of lady sailors. And songs as well!

   2018 April

"Jack of Diamonds"

A UK Premiere of this play. Farcical fun with some diamonds, retirees, a "Ponzi" villain and revenge...

   2017 November

"Murder Backstage" 

OK, so there this drama festival whodunnit and we'd a different culprit each night. Extra lines anyone? Claire, more lines for meee please?

   2017 April

"Murdered to Death" 

It had to happen sometime. Two murder mysteries in one season. No crime fatigue in our audiences apparently...

   2016 November

"Going Postal"

Our third Terry Pratchett play. Everyone was involved, some several times. Costumes, mail-sacks, weapons a plenty.

   2016 April

"WP's Ruby Revue" 

Our 40th anniversary. Much singing and reviving favourite sketches from the past portfolio of materiaL...

"We act a bit, sing a bit and move dodging all the furniture a lot. We'd like to involve some more members which would give us a wider choice of plays to put on for our audience"

"It's not just murder mysteries and comedies. We like a change too. Plays from Terry Pratchett books are fun to do but hard work. OOK! We do plays by local Ampthill authors too."

"After 45 years as a group we've seen lots of changes. We have only repeated one show so far - 20th century values don't always fit todays audience. We're out seeking new plays."

"If you've got this far you really must seriously consider coming down to join in. Just CLICK on the button below. See ya soon!"