TONIGHT - Thurs 4th Aug. 22 - WVH maintenance week NO MEETING


WP AGM date is Thursday 25th August 2022.

This is an annual meeting where we review the past year(s) and set our aims for the forthcoming year. We will decide on who runs the WP by electing our committee. The current committee are willing to stand again... 
   1. Please send any nominations for committee to the secretary, with a proposer and seconder (who must be paid up members) and the written consent of the nominee, to arrive 2 weeks before the AGM date.
   2. Any items for discussion at AGM must be sent in writing please to the Secretary, to arrive 2 weeks before the AGM date = by 10th August 2022.

   Thank you.
Please send Nominations or Agenda items via text to 07528-878342; or email to

FYI: for next Season [September 2022 to July 2023] the committee recommend NO change to subscriptions.
BTW, subs are due at the AGM for the year, please? To be paid to Joyce Bonner - our membership person. Thank you. Subs remain at 21/22 levels:- 

    £15 - Full membership
    £ 8  - Junior [16 - 21y.o. whilst in FTE] 
    £ 8  - Associate [non-performing and ineligible to vote at AGM]
    £ 3 - Weekly subs to cover hall hire for rehearsals/club-nights [inc. coffee/tea]

          WP Patrons - minimum donation remains £15 for Single, £25 for Double.

 To find out more about how to become a WP Patron text to 07528-878342; or email to


WP Summer Programme 
The WP Summer Programme is open to all. If you want in, please send your email address in to us...
        via text to 07528-878342; or via email to

04/08/22 - WVH maintenance week - NO MEETING
11/08/22 - Read-Thru + Block Act 1
18/08/22 - Read-Thru + Block Act 2
25/08/22 - AGM of Westoning Players + "Adrian" Production discussion
01/09/22 - Sept 1st. First rehearsal of Autumn show.

Our next show "Adrian - the Alternative Panto" by Robert Scott will be on...
Thurs 24th to Sat 26th November 2022 
at Westoning Village Hall. 
Box Office opens 24th Oct 2022

BOX OFFICE - open 24/10

Production notes - COME ON DOWN AND JOIN IN... 

  Westoning Players offer amateur drama as an entertaining and rewarding leisure hobby. Every show is different. Each show has different needs for the actors, set constructors, property-creators (props), different challenges for the director and the producer. We invite you to come along and get involved. Bring a buddy along too.


It's good fun. It's giggle therapy too!

  Please come along and see what we are about. We want to work up to a larger play for families + younger audiences in November 2022. But we need more ACTORS and everybody* else...

*All skills & talents are needed including tea-making and counting widgets, carpentry, electrical, ladder-holding, tantrum management... etc. Ideal for a parent wanting a local outlet to escape for a couple of hours. We can even do job-shares for couples so you can alternate... You owe it to your own mental health.

Our recent (Nov-2021) show "Bunkered" needed a set comprising a room - including a table plus a sonar/computer console and a substantial sliding door  -  looking like the inside of a military bunker painted battleship grey across the walls.

Decorating the set we had maps, notices, posters, and photos. Several sets of mugs were needed. And a (life-like) lifeless pigeons corpse. [No wildlife was harmed during the course of the play!] We had 2 breadknives - one whole, one broken and some LED lantens.

We even needed special lighting effects:  a TV-glow effect for the computer monitor; a red flashing warning light and a Sonar "glow", as well as emergency lighting on the stage.


This scenery is only up for a week before we have to remove it and restore the village hall to its orginal condition. All the props and decorations had to be made or sourced. Well done all.

Bunk 20211121 slider OPEN.jpg
WP Bunk rehearsal 20210923 (closeup).jpg

We need people to make costumes, and others to wear them, and helpers to get the actors in and out of them!

We always need people to source or scavenge the items we need  for the scenery  decoration, the furniture and the personal properties (props) that the actors use on-stage.

WP Bunk_20211128 Jen flattens curtains01.jpg

We even need people dedicated enough to sit on curtains to make them fit in the box! 

Come and join Westoning Players.


Have a few laughs in your hobby, and entertain your local community.