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Chairmans SPRING 2024 Letter

We look forward to warmer (drier) weather, and the Little Grimley show at the end of April with the weekend working parties to prepare the way. We shall build our back wall on Sunday 14th April. All help welcomed...

Joyce's scheme to get a defibrillator for the WVH proceeds. We now have support from the Parish Council as well as WVH committee. Hooray!

The "Murder at Little Grimley" show marks a trial of a Saturday 2:30 matinee - with an  afternoon tea, no less! - instead of an evening performance. If successful we may consider more matinees to accomodate our show-comers who dislike the dark of winter evenings. SO Watch this space. And DO come see this very funny comedy 25/26/27 Apr.

We're still keen to try a "Terry Pratchett" in November - BUT ONLY IF WE GET LOTS OF YOUNGER ACTORS, and helpers coming forward. Us old crocks can't do it by ourselves.

Spread the word to all your family, contacts and networks, please...



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Thank you. 


Our next show will be staged on April 25th 26th 27th 2024.
 “Murder in Little Grimley” by David Tristram
See current production page for info...

As always, any suggestions of future plays from Members, Patrons and our public will be considered by the WP committee. Input to Jan Crofts please. 

Please also note that our Winter Production will be 28/29/30 November 2024...
We'd like to put on a Terry Practchett "Discworld" play. See >

  Westoning Players offer amateur drama as an entertaining and rewarding leisure hobby for adults. Every show is different. Each show has different needs for the actors, the set constructors, the Back-stage and Front-of-House teams too. And different challenges for the director and producer. We invite you come on down and get involved. Bring a buddy along too.


It's good fun. Cheap giggle therapy too!

Please come and see what we are about. We will need to have another show to choose, plan and execute for November 2024. So we need more ACTORS, directors and everybody* else... the more people participating the wider the choice of plays that we can stage...

*All skills & talents are needed including tea-making and empathising, carpentry, electrical, ladder-holding, tantrum management... etc. Ideal for a parent wanting a local outlet to escape for a couple of hours. We can even do job-shares for couples so you can alternate... You owe it to your own mental health.

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