Box Office is CLOSED
until 24/10/22

Please Note: Orders for tickets are subject to availability. Our venue only holds 80* audience (max.) so book early to ensure you get them!

NB: Currently restricting "Full House" to 64 seats 

* We will implement any mandated social-distancing for our future audiences in line with the prevailing government advice at show-date.

Tickets for the show: £t.b.a.each 

RESERVE by Email, Phone or Post:


Email WP Box Office via the green button above to register your email address for advance notice of shows and bookings:


Please include: Your Name; Contact phone details; Number of tickets needed on which performance date.


Call the WP Box Office:

Tel: 01525 - 

Text: 07528-878342

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RESERVE BY POST/send £+order to:

The WP Box Office, ....

Click on the "PDF" icon image (left) & you can download a BOOKING FORM to print, complete & send to our postal address above.

We'll send tickets back by post or by hand....

Or if it is less than 1 week to show-date we may well hold them on the door for you.

BY HAND: Click on the "PDF" icon image and download a BOOKING FORM.

Then print, complete & pass it on to a member of the WPs with the money or cheque. We'll send it back by post or by hand.