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COMING SOON.. to a stage in Westoning

As always, any suggestions of future plays from Members, Patrons and our public will be considered by the WP committee. Input to Jan Crofts, Chairman, please. 
 Our Autumn 2024 Production will be
on the 28/29/30 November 2024...​


We want to “do a Pratchett” in Autumn 2024 & Jan/Paul will produce...


It is several years* since we last did a Discworld play (i.e. one based on a book by the late Sir Terry Pratchett).

Which play we do is still t.b.d. so watch this website/Facebook...

AM city watch -  jackets.jpg
Mort - jacket.jpg

 *FYI: We’ve done 3 Pratchett plays in the past to great acclaim

Wyrd Sisters (1999); Mort (2005);

Going Postal (2016).

All were really great fun to be involved in... and much appreciated by our audiences...

WP want to put it "out there" that, provided we can get enough interested parties to act & staff & produce it, that we are keen to give it a whirl.

So canvas anyone you know who may be interested in doing a big fun show... expressions of interest to Jan.

Especially speak to anyone who’s a “Pratchettophile”.

Which play we do is still t.b.d. so watch the website/Facebook.


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